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Summer Cheer Program (SCP) is a three month program and goes from May 7th through July 26th and is $75 a month.  (Registration Fee for this program is prorated

This program that will be 3 one hour classes per week and we will be going over EVERYTHING cheer!  It will help athletes get ready for middle, high school, and also all-star teams.  Each athlete will learn to base, fly, cheer, chant, dance, tumble, stunt, transition smoothly, be tight, stretch, condition, team build, bonding, creative loading and unloading and much more.   Athletes will be recorded their first week on their cardio stamina, stunting and tumbling skills.  We will also be taking pictures and videotaping their jumps and splits.  We will be doing all of this to show the progress they have made in the 2 months of this program.  You will be amazed at what they will accomplish!  Classes are not mandatory but highly recommended to take full advantage of progressing to become a better athlete.

There will be nightly homework sheets athletes will ask you to sign.  Please make sure when signing, that you did see your athlete do the homework that was required.  There will be certificates of completion after the SCP and medals for perfect attendance, most improved in their age group and level and a few other awards.

Days and times of your athlete’s classes will depend on their age group and skill levels.  We will work with parents on days and times if needed, we will just need you to make sure you let us know on the evaluation sheet, what days and times that may not work for you.  We will take everything in to consideration when making the schedules.  Schedules will be emailed out and posted late on Monday June 5th after all evaluations have been done. 

If your athlete wants to join Elite Heat All-Star 2018-2019 cheer season, we will be having try-outs and placements on July 27th between the hours of 6pm-8pm & on the 28th between 10am-12pm.  If your athlete does plan on joining Elite Heat All-Star 2018-2019 season, they will be able to participate in SCP fundraising if they'd like, to help place money on their books.

Looking forward to working with your athlete and making them the best that they can be!

icon07/09/2018 - SCHEDULED CLOSINGS


Elite will be closed for a summer vacation closing from July 9th-13th