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Sonia Daniels

Sonia Daniels is the owner and President of Elite Cheer & Tumble.

Sonia was Vice President for Chesapeake Parks and Recreations overseeing their football and cheering teams for 10 years before joining Elite in 2003. 

Sonia has worked as the Office Manager of Elite and had Exhibition Teams for five years before starting All-Star Teams.  She is a member of AACCA (American Association of Cheerleaders Coaches & Administrators) and USASF (United States All Star Federation).

She has worked with the public and children all of her life and has never worked any place less than 10 years at a time, that is how dedicated and hardworking she is.


CeAira Coen


CeAira is a certified All-Star Cheering Coach and is a member of USASF and has recently become certified as a Tumble Instructor for Elite.  She has dedicated her time and LIFE to learning new cheering technics, skills, stunts, and combination tumbling.  She has worked at Elite since 2004 and has worked close at hand with Recreational, All-Star and Exhibition Teams along with Middle & High School squads.  She is in ever workshop and class there is to better herself as a leader for all athletes!

CeAira is also our retail manager and will make sure she will supply all of your cheering needs!


Juwan Arnold

Juwan is one of our Junior and Tiny Cheer coaches. He started his cheering career when he was only 7 years old! He has cheered all through high school and has competed at The Cheerleading Worlds 6 times. His highest level of cheering is a level 5! He has helped out at several gyms and has been working here at Elite since the first of 2011. Juwan can spot all advanced skills! His hobbies are wrestling and… guessed it…..cheerleading and coaching!



Pete of Elite Heat joined the team late in the 2012-2013 season!  He has been fun to be with and can't wait to enjoy practices and many competitions this upcoming 2013-2014 Cheering Season!  When PETE isn't being Elite Heats mascot you may find him hanging out at you know who PETE really is?