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ELITE CHEER & TUMBLE - where cheerleaders train! We are THE place to come if you want to learn tumbling, stunts, or have a custom routine made. We also have custom camps, routine development, music, dance, consulting, a CHEERLEADING STORE and MORE! Our staff is very professional and we have helped an unprecendented number of cheerleaders develop the skills they needed to advance and make the squad of their choice. We have some of the best ranked All-Star teams in the region, who have received partial and full paid bids, Level Legends, 4X National Championships. With our Senior 1 team being undeafeated 2016-2017 season, winning ALL Championships and ended up ranked NUMBER 1 in the NATION!  Elite is the place for your cheerleaders AND coaches to train!

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT THAN OTHER GYMS? Elite has the unique ability to provide an exceptional level of service to EVERYONE EQUALLY! We believe in not only providing service beyond the level of your expectations, but also believe in modeling and teaching moral excellence! Our coaches are not allowed to use any questionable language, raise their voices at the students, or demean them in any way. We believe in encouragement and guidance in balance with tough coaching and pushing our students to excel. At Elite, we choose to build our business by providing a service unequaled by any other organization. Your student will advance more quickly, with better results than anywhere else guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why shouldn't I train at a gymnastics gym?
A - Cheerleaders do several things differently than gymnasts because of their need to incorporate their skills into cheer routines. Elite trains athletes according to these specific criteria.

Q - Can I wear shoes on the tumbling floors?
A - For cheerleaders we require shoes in order to help each student learn to tumble the way they will have to tumble at competitions or school.

Q - Who comes to Elite?
A - All star squad members, middle & high school cheerleaders, kids who have never cheered, and entire squads come to us for instruction. We teach at all levels of experience from beginner to some of the best college cheerleaders in the country.

Q - How safe is Elite?
A - For the level of skill we teach at Elite, and the number of students in our facility, we rank as one of the safest gyms in the nation. In the thousands of classes we have taught, we have never had a life threatening injury at Elite.

Q - How can I sign up for classes at Elite?
A - You can sign up at any time by calling 757-735-2505 and leave a message or visit our Classes link to sign up online. The forms you need to fill out prior to your first visit are located under "forms" and can be downloaded.  You may also choose a class to try out before signing up.

Q - How can I become an Elite Heat All-Star Cheerleader?
A - Open House & Summer Try-Outs will be held Friday July 27th from 5pm-8pm or Saturday July 28th 10am-Noon for 2018-2019 competition season!  Season starts August 6th, 2018