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Elite offers incredible custom music for our cheer clients.  Custom music (for those of you new to the cheer world!) is music taken from a genre or theme of music, cut into sections, sped up, and sound effects and voiceovers are added for effect.  The impact of great music is unbelievable!  Music makes the difference between routines that are good and routines that are GREAT!

Full custom music can be purchased at the following rates.  Typically squads divide the cost of the music between the members of the squad.  For example, a typical high school custom mix can cost each athlete as little as $16.25 per person.

1:30 - $225 (this is a typical middle or high school length)
2:30 - $375 (this is a typical college or all star length)

30 second increments are $100 each.

For more information, please TEXT us at 757-735-2505.